Operating farm equipment may sound like a straightforward task, but the truth is, one wrong move could end with some scary and drastic consequences. Knowing the ins and outs of basic farming equipment is extremely important to help you prevent farm machine accidents during operation. Wearing protective gear and performing maintenance sometimes isn’t enough to guarantee your safety while operating farming equipment. 

Here are some tips to ensure your safety while working with farming equipment, straight from the farming equipment experts themselves: 

  • Read the Manual. Before you begin operating any kind of equipment, make sure you thoroughly read the manual to understand how your machine works. Remember, equipment can vary from brand to brand or even from model to model. Reading the manual and understanding the intricate operational aspects of your machine will lower the chances of any mistakes happening while working machinery. 
  • Keep it Clean. Keep your farming equipment as clean as possible! Not only will this make you as clear and visible as possible to others near you, but it will also ensure that there is nothing interfering with the motor, engine, or machinery that could affect the function of the equipment. 
  • Check Yourself. Before you get on a tractor or any other kind of farming machinery, ask yourself a couple of questions to check your state of mind and well being. How’s your health, do you feel well? Are you at all under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Are you wearing protective equipment such as hearing or vision protection? Is your hair tucked under a hat or tucked away? Even if you are well-trained to operate the device, make sure your physical and mental state is at its best, right up to the moment you get on the machine.
  • Follow the Laws. Make sure you follow any and all state or federal laws when it comes to operating your equipment. These laws are in place to protect you and others around you, and could result in fines if you are found not to be following them. For example, there are many laws in place regarding operating tractors and other mobile farming equipment on roadways and public roads. Make sure you’re complying with these laws, and staying updated with them as laws are likely to change surrounding these conditions often. 

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