Buying used equipment is a smart avenue for many common consumers. Cost savings is an obvious benefit that attracts most buyers in the used markets, as these markdowns stand to save a buyer up front cash.

But what about machinery that is more industry-specific, such as agricultural equipment? Is previously owned farm equipment, such as tractors, plows, or harrows, just as good of an investment as when they were new?

There are several pros and cons to purchasing used farm equipment, and weighing these out as a farmer requires an understanding of how you plan to implement the equipment specifically.

‘Broken In’ Used Equipment

Brand new farming equipment may be showroom-level spotless, while it’s used counterparts are aesthetically worse for the wear, but many know that buying used anything comes with a level of ‘worn in’ or ‘broken in’ characteristics that don’t exist on brand new machinery.

Many farmers actually prefer used farm equipment over new because they are tried and tested, having been previously owned. In purchasing used equipment in any industry, there is something about knowing that it has withstood the test of time that gives many individuals, especially farmers and agricultural equipment, peace of mind that it will continue to thrive.

If a farmer requires machinery that is only brought out once a year or in short-term increments, used farm equipment is definitely the most cost-effective way to go. These pieces of machinery have likely been used only lightly, based on their assigned tasks, so a farmer can rest assured that it will surely serve its purpose with minimal issue.

Technology Evolves

The term ‘technology’ in agriculture does not solely cover digital display screens or artificially intelligent farming applications. ‘Technology’ in many cases is defined as a mechanical or technical advancement designed to simplify a human task.

Farming is a very tactile industry, so any digital or mechanical advancements meant to expedite or streamline a process expands far beyond a single farmer’s operation; the industry itself may demand it. In that case, buying new equipment that boasts those technological transformations is a requirement rather than a preference.

Buying more costly new farm equipment may actually save a farmer money in the long run. Malfunctions that cause downtime are costly, and usually they are caused by broken down equipment. So if a certain piece of new farm machinery has been improved to eliminate excessive breakdowns, it is wise to invest in new up front.

The Rock Block

Whether you buy new or used farm equipment, if you take care of your machine, your machine will take care of you! That’s why The Rock Block is on a mission to protect and defend farm equipment from broken windows during daily operation.

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